By Mariah Ghant 

Dear Reader,

Unfortunately, WordPress has shifted the original format of the poem. However, we will be honoring the poem and its intended form through our dedicated instagram post in the month of April for #NationalPoetryMonth.

In appreciation,

DBB Team

We have stumbled and fallen into


This nowhere that holds our futures grand,

shaded golden by our lust.

Our beginning lies in foreign lands


by many a nomad and no-man

whose feet stumbled to that bridge.

And we danced in darkened alleyways,


whispering our fears. Just two tangled,

forgetful strangers searching

for a split moment of excitement.


my pillows of pleasure, spill my down

feathers. Here— no, there we sink.

We were young and the taste of sugar


into our lingering cavities

and burned our throats like whiskey.

The night rang through us till it turned to


I can’t wear white and not think of you.

Are we only the miles that

keep us apart or the words that keep


close? My mind has stopped ringing for you

and my words have blurred you out.

Still, I lose daydreams on those cobbled


where I left my you, and you forgot

to call to write to hold on.

But, I will stay foolish and forgive you

until time

becomes the past once more, and we

are reincarnated by our laughter.